Who We Are


Fuel Relief Fund (FRF), is a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization based in the United States and the Netherlands. In addition to a small, dedicated team at headquarters, the FRF family consists of trained, highly-skilled volunteers with fuel industry and/or emergency management backgrounds. Our relationships with national and international fuel and transportation companies around the globe give us the ability to access fuel and secure transport in the most remote and hardest hit areas.




In late August 2005, Hurricane Katrina, a Category 5 hurricane, struck the Gulf Coast, killing over 1800 people and causing catastrophic damage and widespread fuel shortages. Nearly 2000 miles away, in Southern California, Ted Honcharik and a small group of local fuel industry professionals were following the story unfold and decided that they could do something to help. Within hours, a fuel tanker truck was on its way from California to Louisiana. Making stops in impacted areas along the way, fuel from the "fuel relief" truck was distributed to thousands of survivors and first responders for free.

With so much positive feedback from beneficiaries, the success of this unofficial 'mission' gave Ted the inspiration to start Fuel Relief Fund. Since its inception, FRF has developed a reputation for being a reliable, efficient and effective first responder, deploying and providing fuel after mega-disasters such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2011 great Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, the 2015 Nepal earthquake, and many more. Our teams have delivered over 500,000 gallons of fuel, impacting tens of thousands of people, and enabling the life-saving work of countless first responders and relief agencies including Doctors without Borders, FEMA, World Vision, Save the Children, the World Food Programme, and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

Ted Honcharik, New Orleans, 2005

The FRF Team



Ted Honcharik

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Sarah Kruger

Executive Director

The FRF Board of Directors

US Board of Directors

Ted Honcharik, Pacific Tank Lines, Inc.

Jimm Cross, Cross Petroleum

Matt Cullen, Amber Resources

Joe Keith, Pacific Tank Lines, Inc.

Reed Rinehart, Rinehart Oil, Inc.

John Miller, Orange Coast Petroleum Equipment, Inc.

Steve Greinke, SC Fuels

Marinus Zwart, Lions Club International

Joeseph Lee, Boston Fire Department  

Dutch Board of Directors

Cor Hersbach, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Marinus Zwart, Lions Club International

Hans van Hattem, Office Specialististen

Paul Cleijne, K3Delta