A devastating earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. More than 220,000 people were killed with over 300,000 injured. The massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake left more than 1.5 million people homeless, and led to a humanitarian crisis of an immense scale that Haiti – even 5 years afterwards – still struggled with.

The conditions in Haiti were dismal and dangerous. Thousands of families were displaced and were living in tent cities without light. It was these individuals and families that Fuel Relief Fund targeted with its Haiti earthquake response.

Despite these circumstances and enduring conditions of great risk, thanks to the support of our generous donors, the Fuel Relief Fund team deployed to the region within two days. Flying into the Dominican Republic, the team crossed the border into Haiti and secured a small tanker truck to commence operations. Once on the ground, the team liaised with local government, earthquake survivors, and surviving staff of relief agencies – many of whom were suffering with losses of their own. After prioritizing the areas of greatest need, they secured fuel and organized logistics for distribution. Fueled with diesel, the FRF team provided fuel to light up tent cities and power generators for police stations, hospitals, medical clinics, and orphanages. As they distributed fuel all across Haiti, they encountered dramatic scenes of earthquake survivors living in unimaginable conditions – and the heroes trying to provide relief. Doctors trying to operate in clinics with no power, crowded camps in complete darkness. The team stayed in Haiti for two months, facing continued challenges, and navigating treacherous conditions to deliver fuel to people in need.

Please read more about our mission to Haiti under About Us – Program Impact. Fuel Relief Fund’s work is made possible through your support!